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Equipment Setup


Suryadev incorporates the most modern, advanced and fully automated set up in terms of speed, capacity, machinery, equipment, manufacturing systems and processes.

Electrotherm Induction Furnace:

  • 30MT single furnace and 25MT 2 furnace capacity.
  • Three furnaces with a combined production capacity of 700 MT / day


  • Lends uniformity in quality over larger quantities of material

Continuous Caster:

  • Zurich Technology from 'Concast'
  • "6 x 11" Two casters fully automated system
  • Equipped with wire feeding, semi close & close caster


  • Ensures very high quality of end product
  • Better control, precision finish
  • Very high quality of metallurgy

Roughing, Intermediate & Finishing Mill:

  • Largest & fully automated rolling mill set up
  • Loop control system
  • Gauge control system
    Every Roll stand is fitted with roller bearing in their roll neck.


  • Gradual reduction in size - Finer Grain Structure
  • Perfect Tensionless Rolling resulting in better & consistent properties
  • Perfect and precise weight

2 Nos Weigh Bridges:

  • Automated operations
  • Upto 100 MT capacity

Rib Cutting Machine & EDM:

  • An SPM designed by Sparkonix India Pvt. Ltd.


  • Ensures Uniform & Precise Rib leading to better surface characteristics.
  • SURYADEV THERMEX 500 ISI is embossed with the help of EDM. This embossing continues at every one meter throughout the bar length.

PLC System from ABB:

  • 2 PLC systems to control end line assembly
  • 1 st PLC Controls rolling from reheating furnace to Thermex chamber
  • 2nd PLC controls rolling from Thermex chamber to cooling bed


  • Totally automated with precise control
  • Ensures consistent product quality
  • Maintains automatically water & air pressure according to bar temperatures and rolling speed

Quenching System:

  • Quenching System provided by Thermex, Germany.


  • State-of-the-art, upgraded quenching chamber to dual quenching system to achieve better quenching properties.
  • Every parameter is controllable, so any grade as per the customer requirement can be provided.
  • Shortens time of Quenching
  • Ensures better uniformity throughout the length of the bar with perfect round shape.

Colling Bed:

  • Colling bed of size 5 Mtrs x 90 mtrs


  • Segregates every bar separately for uniform atmospheric cooling
  • Ensures proper self tempering & normalizing of QST Rebars

Finished Goods Yard:

  • 5500 Sq. mtrs. of closed shed to stock the material
  • Shed is equipped with four EOT cranes


  • Rust free material for dispatch
  • Fast delivery period advantages
  • Better automation & Precision
  • No human interference