suryadev, TMT bars, Alloys, QST Rebars, Suryadev Thermex, Thermex, HSCRS, QST rebars, Readymade steel, surya dev steel, Green Field Thermex, Billets
An ISO Certified Company
Suryadev alloys and power private limited
suryadev, TMT bars, Alloys, QST Rebars, Suryadev Thermex, Thermex, HSCRS, QST rebars, Readymade steel, surya dev steel, Green Field Thermex, Billets
Suryadev incorporates the most ultra modern, advanced and fully automated set up in terms of speed, capacity, machinery,equipment, manufacturing systems and processes.
Electrotherm' Induction Furnace:
25 MT Single capacity - One of the largest capacity furnace of our times
Two furnaces with a combined production capacity of 600 MT / day
Lends uniformity in quality over larger quantities of material
Continuous Caster:
Zurich Technology from 'Concast'
" 6 x 11" caster fully automated system
Equipped with wire feeding, semi close & close caster
Ensures very high quality of end product
Better control, precision finish
Very high quality of metallurgy
Latest design made by Simplex
Coal based
Extremely eco friendly
Coast effective
Facilitates uniform heating across the length of Billets
Reheating Furnace:
State-of-the-art gas fired furnace with highest output capacity
Only furnace in India where a Single piece billet of length 6 meters can be heated
Complete automation for fuel gas analysis and temperature control
Designed to roll only billets
It is not possible to roll Ingots(Inferrior Raw Material)
Precise temperature control decides the metallurgical properties
Roughing, Intermediate & Finishing Mill:
Largest & fully automated Rolling Mill set up
Loop Control System
Gauge Control System
Every Roll stand is fitted with Roller Bearing in their roll neck.
Gradual redction in size - Finer Grain Structure
Perfect Tensionless Rolling resulting in better & consistent properties
Perfect and precise weight
2 Nos Weigh Bridges:
Automated operations
Upto 100 MT capacity
Rib Cutting Machine & EDM:
An SPM designed by Sparkonix India Pvt. Ltd.
Ensures Uniform & Precise Rib leading to better surface characteristics.
SURYADEV THERMEX 500 ISI is embossed with the help of EDM. This embossing continues at every one meter throughout the bar length.
PLC System from ABB:
2 PLC systems to control end line assembly
1 st PLC Controls rolling from reheating furnace to Thermex chamber
2nd PLC controls rolling from Thremex chamber to cooling bed
Totally automated with precise control
Ensures consistent product quality
Maintains automatically water & air pressure according to bar temperatures and rolling speed
Quenching System:
Quenching System provided by Thermex, Germany.
State-of-the-art, upgraded quenching chamber to dual quenching system to achieve better quenching properties.
Every parameter is controllable, so any grade as per the customer requirment can be provided.
Shortens time of Quenching
Ensures better uniformity throughout the length of the bar Perfect Round shape and cross-section of the bar.
Colling Bed:
Colling bed of size 5 Mtrs x 90 mtrs
Segregates every bars separately for uniform atmospheric colling
Ensures proper self tempering & normalizing of QST Rebars bars
Finished Goods Yard:
5500 Sq. mtrs. of closed shed to stock the material
Shed is equipped with four EOT cranes
Rust free material for dispatch
Speed up delivery period advantages
Better automation & Precision
No human interference