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HSCRS Rebars

Suryadev - HSCRS Rebars

An all new high strength, high corrosion resistant QST Rebars of Suryadev, with a yield strength of 415 to 600 Mpa ranging from 8 mm to 40 mm of any length up to 30 meters is characterised by low carbon content exhibiting excellent strength, ductility and is an ideal choice for use in coastal,

humid and industrial environment where corrosion is very high.

Suryadev - High Strength Corrosion Resistance Stell Rebars - HSCRS

An innovative product ideal for coastal environment

High Strength Corrosion-resistant QST Rebars is yet another innovative product to roll out from the house of Suryadev. Characterized by low carbon content, Suryadev HSCRS QST Rebars with minimum yield strength of 500 MPa from 8 mm to 40 mm of any length upto 30 meters exhibit excellent strength-ductility-corrosion resistant properties. It replaces Coated Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) / TMT Rebars which are used extensively for the construction of reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structures.

HSCRS QST Rebars of Suryadev contain the appropriate composition of key chemical elements like Phosphorous, Copper, Chromium and Nickel to QST Rebars are most suited to take on the coastal, humid, and industrial conditions where the atmosphere supports corrosion.

Standard Grade Remarks Yield Strength(N/mm2)min UTS (N/mm2) min %Elongation min-mix
IS:1786-2008 Fe 415 - 450 540 18-22
IS:1786-2008 Fe 500 - 530 610 16-21
IS:1786-2008 Fe 550 - 580 640 16-20
Re-bars with corrosion resistant elements Suryadev HSCRS Cu+Cr+P=0.75% min 530 610 16-21

Our random sample test results
C Mn P S Si Tot Al Cr Ce proof Stress N/mm2 Tensile Stress


Elongation Bend
32 310 0.17 0.84 0.054 056 0.240 0.015 0.44 0.30 580 689 22 OK ok