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Reinventing Construction Steel Technology

Presenting for the first time, BRIGHT TMT Steel Bars with Star 'X' Rib, an unique concrete gripping technology that will reinforce the stability of Construction. Available in Fe 415 & Fe-500 grade in 8mm to 25mm sizes, this patented Star with 'X' Rib found only in BRIGHT TMT which will ensure extra strength with concrete mixture resulting in a stronger and sturdier buildings.

Advantage of BRIGHT TMT

Star with 'X' Rib – unmatched solidity, quenching & self tempering – superior strength, anti corrosive properties, better bending properties, cost effective, better metallurgical properties, perfect roundness, customised products, finer grain structure, higher bonding strength, better weldability, fire resistance, earth quake resistance, superior formability, strain ageing

Superiority of BRIGHT TMT

Properties BRIGHT TMT
Corrosion resistance High corrosion resistance and long lasting
cross ribbing (Diamond Grip)
Savings 8 -15% compared to CTD and other TMT
Availability Easily available through network
Price Better quality at much lower prices

Guaranteed quality of BRIGHT TMT

The entire process and product range are set to the stringent quality norms.

  • Well equipped chemical and physical laboratories at the plant
  • Chemical compositions and other mandatory elements monitoring batch wise.
  • Spectro meter analysis of billets before reheating.
  • Every batch of BRIGHT TMT pass through laboratory furnace test , UTM tests, C & S determination tests
  • Close tolerance gauge control system for correct size of bars during rolling process.
  • Fully automated control by PLC system from ABB
  • Straight and continuous rolling mill is equipped with the largest world class cooling bed with electro magnetic arrays.
  • Every dispatch of BRIGHT TMT is supported with a mandatory test certificate as per BIS specifications.