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Suryadev Power

Due to severe power shortage prevailing in Tamilnadu, Suryadev decided to set up its own power generation primarily in 2010 for captive use and also to cater to other industries in Tamilnadu under captive model.

160 MW coal fired plant was commissioned in record time in 2013 using the latest technologies available, Boiler (by Bobcock & Wilcox) and TG (BHEL) and with the following configuration to ensure optimum production at least environmental cost:

Water Treatment Plant:

Our Environment policy is Zero Effluent and Zero Discharge by Effluent Treatment plant and STP, Our WTP capacity is 2x15 Cu.metre supplied by M/S Ion Exchange (I) Ltd. Our ETP capacity is 20 Cu.metre and STP capacity is 1 Cu.metre both are supplied by M/S Hubert enviro care system.


Our boiler is equipped with electrostatic precipitator (ESP) with 5 field arrangements to meet MOEF norms, Both the boilers are operated by Japanese make YOKOGAWA latest sophisticated digital distributed control system (DDCS) . We are feeding high GCV (4407 kcal/kg-ARB) Indonesian make medium ash content coal to boiler silos through belt conveying from 80000 tonnes capacity of Coal Handling Plant by HAMTEK. And the entire ash is transported to the intermediate, bed, fly ash silos by MACAWBER BEEKAY dense phase system with fully atomization control.

Coal Handling Plant (CHP):

Our CHP is second biggest in southern Asia with a capacity to stock 80000 metric tonnes in 110 metre X 210 metre coal shed constructed by HAMTEK TECHNOLOGIES INDIA Ltd. based on Chinese technology. Coal handling plant is fully automated with PLC based system to convey 330 TPH coal to boiler silos through primary crusher 2x 300 TPH followed secondary crusher 3x150


Our steam turbine is being operated at 90 kg/sq. cm and 537 degree centigrade super-heated steam at 3000 rpm by India’s first fully automated METSO-DNA DCS control system . And this control system is specially designed for global standards. The turbine is being operated with full safety and trip logic interlocks to ensure safe and smooth operation, also the entire turbine is covered by fully acoustic system to maintain TNPCB decibel norms as well as the generator has been equipped with high velocity water spraying system (Emulsifier) . The turbine casing is covered by high heat resistant spray insulation done by LLOYDS and the remaining high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure steam lines are insulated by LRB (Light Resin Bonded) mattress with aluminium cladding.

Air Cooled Condenser (ACC):

Our air cooled condenser is supplied and constructed by GEA with two street, 14 cells and each cell is having 8 tube bundles totally 112 bundles per ACC. The turbine exhaust/back pressure 0.18 kg/ a (-0.83 kg/ vacuum) and condensate temperature is 55.69 degree centigrade is maintained by MAZDA make ejector followed by 14 nos. of 10.973 metre diameter FRP blade fans. The entire ACC columns and tie beams are constructed by RCC and entire tube bundles are covered by high anti-corrosive metal cladding sheets to improve the efficiency of the system as well as resist the system from high velocity winds.

Ash Handling Plant (AHP):

Our ash handling plant is supplied by MACAWBER BEEKAY with fully automated PLC system. The furnace drained bed ash is conveyed to 250 Cu.metre capacity of intermediate bed ash silo and we can separate Iron content from bed materials to prevent boiler tubes by using the equipment’s vibrating screen and magnetic separator. Ash handling equipment’s are operated by 5 kg/ compressed air . We can stock bed ash and fly ash 1200 cu.metre in each RCC silo and the same can be delivered in both dry and wet mode. The Fly ash and bed ash are conveying through pipe lines by dense phase system leads to free pollution.


In our entire power plant is fully automated with digital distributed control system. The boiler and balance of plant automated with Japanese based YOKAGAWA . CENTUM VP DCS release 5 maintains the high process control availability, high system performance, high speed scanning, high HMI performance (user friendly) with all function from one shared CRT based HMI display device. The boiler & BOP DCS I/O capacity – 6800M/S BHEL make stream turbine automised with Finland base metso – DNA DCS control system. This control system specially designed for global standards. The system integrated in electro hydraulic turbine control, turbine stress elevator, Automatic run- up system and Bently Nevada – 3500 type TSS (Turbine Supervisory System)